On a mission to redefine motherhood, inspire wellbeing, and cultivate a generation of confident, connected mothers.

"designed by a committed group of female-led European experts at mom'z."
"every mother deserves to feel supported, a guiding principle of mom’z."
"mom'z is challenging existing narratives surrounding motherhood."

About us

At mom'z, we empower modern (expectant) mothers, guiding them on their beautifully imperfect journeys. We reject one-size-fits-all models and celebrate maternal instincts shaped by love and respect.

From Paris, London and Cologne to the tranquil countryside of Spain, our female-led team spans across Europe, bringing together unique perspectives.

Shirin Fardi
Spain / Germany / Iran
Founder & CEO (Child-birth Educator, Yoga Teacher & Retreat-Leader)
Once a yoga teacher and retreat leader, Shirin traded her mat for diapers and bedtime stories when she became a mom. Now, she's on a mission to help moms embrace their beautifully imperfect journeys.
Maria Anikeeva
Spain / US
Community & Content Lead (Creative Director, Marketing Manager)
A marketing specialist who believes that creative self-expression is the key factor for growth. She's here to transform brilliant ideas into beautiful realities for you.
Rocío Beltrá
Operations Lead (Leisure & Travel Consultant, Tourism Management)
Travel enthusiast and logistics extraordinaire, Rocío makes sure every mom's journey with us is smooth and joyful, even when things go off-script.
Dr. Olga Kugatkina
United Kingdom
Business Development (Senior Director Private Equity Practice, EMEA)
An analytical powerhouse, Olga uses her skills to help us grow. Next to other projects, Olga is also a NED at Life Startup, an international team helping people reach their full potential and live their dream life.

Meet Our Advisors & Supporters

These incredible advisors and early supporters have lent their expertise and wisdom to help shape mom'z into what it is today. We're immensely grateful for their (ongoing) contributions.

Roya Fakhrabadi
Leading Senior Midwife, UNICEF Ambassador
A renowned midwife and UNICEF Ambassador, Roya brings a wealth of wisdom and kindness to her community. She's the guiding light for moms-to-be.
Holly Niemela
Wellness Expert, Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Holly inspires her students to find their inner compass to build their wellness rituals for life. She's the Co-Founder of the wilderness retreat center @tinhela610 in Portugal.
Claudia Spahr
UK / Spain
Awarded Retreat Leader, Wellness Pioneer, Author
Claudia is the winner of a Best Business Woman Award, a "Leaders in Luxury" LuxLife award and a #1 international best-selling author. She's the Founder of @_holymama_
Joanna Sullivan
USA / Mexico
CLD/PP Doula, Sound Healer, Art of Circling
Joanna brings harmony to moms' lives. She helps mothers feel connected and cared for during pregnancy, birth, and early weeks home at Bring Harmony Home

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