(Solo) Babymoon

A 5-Day Pregnancy Wellbeing Retreat

AUG 12-16, Barcelona (last spots 🔥)
SEP 6-10, Barcelona (filling up)
OCT 6-10, Mallorca
+ every following month

"Transforming the experience of pregnancy and motherhood"
"The Mom’z retreat helps mothers-to-be confidently welcome motherhood"
"An all-inclusive retreat empowering new mothers across Europe"
"The Mom’z retreat helps mothers-to-be confidently welcome motherhood"
"Transforming the experience of pregnancy and motherhood"
"An all-inclusive retreat empowering new mothers across Europe"

Unwind, Connect and Prepare ...

... for motherhood, in an intimate retreat designed for pregnant women, surrounded by nature's beauty and guided by caring experts. A Holistic Program Tailored to Pregnant Women:

Uplift your Physical Wellbeing
Participate in movement programs like prenatal yoga and accumulate quality rest with tension-releasing bedding, preparing you for a smoother birth while promoting your baby's wellbeing as well.
Find Inner Peace and Balance
Enjoy relaxing pregnancy massages, art workshops, breath work practice, guided meditations for relaxation and stress-relief, and an overall calmer mind so you can be the best version of yourself.
Feel Prepared and Confident
Receive detailed guidance from maternity experts and childbirth educators on techniques for a more relaxed labor, tips for the postpartum period and post-retreat self care plans.
Join a Supportive Community
Connect with like-minded mothers-to-be over shared meals, creative activities and best of all - post-retreat group sessions for six months!

Calling All Mothers-To-Be!

Whether you're pregnant for the first time or have experienced pregnancy before: our (Solo) Babymoon retreat welcomes you with open arms. Come reconnect with yourself, find support from experts, and share your experiences among a private community of incredible future mothers.

5 Days / 4 Nights: Transformative Agenda

Expectant mothers often face stress, anxiety, and uncertainty during pregnancy. Our 5-Day (Solo) Babymoon retreat addresses these concerns by providing a comprehensive and supportive program that empowers women with knowledge, relaxation techniques, and emotional support to confidently embrace motherhood. See here what you'll experience in the retreat:

1. Morning Movements
Daily gentle, tailored exercises designed not only for you to enhance your physical wellbeing, but also to have an easier pregnancy and especially a healthier baby.
2. Birth Preparation Class
Daily comprehensive and easy-to-follow sessions on pregnancy, birth, stress management and more, equipping you with valuable knowledge and skills.
3. Visualization & Meditations
Daily guided relaxation exercises and visualizations to help you find lasting emotional balance for an easier birth and to cultivate a deeper bond with your baby.
4. Creative Activities
Fun, creative and social activities that encourage strengthening the connection to yourself and your baby but also to other pregnant women in the retreat.
5. Massages & Pampering
Indulge in soothing massages designed to alleviate stress, relief from pregnancy-related aches and increased circulation - help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the developing fetus.
6. Me-Time & Shared Moments
Enjoy leisurely downtime, delightful meals, captivating evenings filled with music and conversation, while also finding space for reflection and self-care.
7. Intimate Group of 10-14
Join an intimate group of 10-14 other pregnant women per retreat, forming a supportive community, sharing unique experiences and support that extend past the retreat.
8. Post-Retreat Support
Benefit from our post-retreat support that includes private online community access and exclusive online resources for you and your partner to study at home

Detailed Daily Agenda? We intentionally keep the agenda somewhat of a surprise. We believe that going into the experience with an open mind and letting go of expectations is key to fully embracing the journey. However, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Don't just take our word for it!

Hear from some of the lovely mothers(-to-be) who participated in our (Solo) Babymoon Retreat:

"A truly life-changing experience"
I am totally blown away and my brain still struggles to process how unreal and beautiful this retreat was. Everything was absolutely perfect and up to the highest standards. The intention behind this retreat, the chef throwing her passion into every single meal, mom'z team being so supportive, loving, and helpful, and of course all these powerhouse mamas-to-be are just touching my heart so deeply.
"My confidence restored!"
I feel so serene after this retreat, my confidence restored in what my body is capable of. I had so many reservations and fears about childbirth. Shirin shared everything with the right messaging and really instilled a sense of empowerment and female legacy.
"A transformative and positivity-filled experience!"
My key takeaway was learning to trust my body, embracing the journey ahead without fear. Feeling safe, heard, and seen was invaluable to me. I now approach childbirth with positivity and eagerly anticipate the experience. I've gained tools to manage anxious thoughts more effectively. A transformative and positivity-filled experience that I will always cherish and highly recommend!
"I left feeling confident, happy, excited, and relaxed"
I really feel like the retreat found me at a time where I really needed it. It really felt like a bunch of friends getting together and supporting each other. I have taken away more than I could have imagined in every way. I came into the retreat to gain knowledge and be around like minded people. I left feeling confident, happy, excited, and relaxed. Every single person was incredible and warming.
"Liked it so much, I signed up for a second retreat!"
Calming and empowering! mom’z Solo Babymoon was a game changer in my pregnancy. The group of participants was diverse and yet all energies flowed in the same direction. I emerged relaxed and rested after the wonderful days at the superb venue. I actually liked it so much that I signed up for a second retreat!
New York
"I’d do it again for my next baby"
All I can say is that I’d do it again for my next baby! The delicious and nutritious food and morning movements really helped setting my body into the right routine which I intend to keep up even after the retreat. It was nice to have a place to just talk all pregnancy related stuff and experience new things.
"So perfect that it still feels unreal."
Transformative in the most positive way possible! I definitely managed to connect with my pregnancy and my baby more than ever before. I solved a lot of internal anxieties through all the learning sessions, conversations with Shirin and the other moms. This was so perfect that it still feels unreal. Thank you for the most incredible week of my pregnancy.
"One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself"
We were treated with such care, like Queens! My key takeaway is that we deserve to be pampered and connect with each other as we go through our pregnancy journeys. Solo Babymoon retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I was blown away by the level of care and detail. I honestly loved everything. It made me so happy and delighted!
"Sisterhood for moms-to-be!"
This retreat is like a sisterhood for moms-to-be! My intention was to relax, rest and connect with my baby. I achieved all these goals and came back home more peaceful and confident. I felt very lucky to meet all these women from all around the world and to connect with their stories.
"I would like as many women as possible to know about this retreat!"
It was a « me-time » for both me and my baby! I had time to fall in love with yoga, and breathing techniques. I also discovered new ways of making nutritious food. I had many insights coming up which changed the way of my thinking and worldview in general. I felt so safe and accepted during those days.
"Forever grateful for the knowledge, love, realness, and community"
Thank you so very much for creating such a safe and beautiful space for women to come together during pregnancy. This experience was not only about connecting more deeply to my baby, but also allowed me to come home to myself. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, love, realness, and community.
"I feel empowered, supported, inspired."
An unforgettable, powerful experience tapping into our own strength and sense of the feminine to slow down and prepare for this next chapter with support and knowledge. My key insights were about fostering community and about taking care of ourselves so we can take care of others.
"One of the most significant things you can do while being pregnant"
Back in the day we had our families and friends around, and today we often find ourselves alone as a mom. That is why it is so empowering and inspiring that mom'z are creating a community of women that can be open, honest, vulnerable, and supportive. I am so grateful to have had this experience. It will stay with me as a magical memory.
"Returning home with a sense of calmness and positive anticipation."
Booking the mom’z retreat was genuinely one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a long time. The hosts crafted an incredible program set in a stunning location with the most delicious food, all shared with a fantastic group of women. Finally, I felt completely connected to my pregnancy, returning home with a sense of calmness and positive anticipation for the birth of my little one.
"I learned so much from the other women"
The experience was a beautiful way to disconnect from the outside world and instead connect with women sharing the same life moments as you. I made connections close to home that I hope to keep in touch with in the future. I feel like I learned so much from the other women at the retreat.
"Unique opportunity to reflect on my pregnancy"
Unique opportunity to take time away from the daily grind to reflect on my pregnancy, appreciate what my body is achieving, and prepare for what’s ahead. It was lovely to connect with other pregnant women on the same journey. So important to have a good support network and I hope we can be a part of each others as we go through the journey of motherhood. This retreat was a great balance of structured itinerary but also down time which was very much needed.
"supportive community with like-minded moms-to-be"
Motherhood brings women together, and it is wonderful to form a supportive community with like-minded moms-to-be during the retreat. Sharing diverse cultural perspectives and approaches to motherhood was truly valuable. I treasured quiet moments of self-care and simple pleasures like chatting with my roommate and sharing meals all together.
"Allowed me to stand still, reflect, and indulge in the pregnancy"
Solo Babymoon allowed me to stand still, reflect, and indulge in the pregnancy and the connection with the baby. I loved the open and supportive atmosphere among the women in such a beautiful environment. Everyone was smart, strong, and had an international perspective, making it easy to connect. I also appreciated having another solo mom by choice in the group.
"It was a wonderful addition to my pregnancy journey!"
Attending mom’z retreat has been an incredible experience for me. It was a wonderful addition to my pregnancy journey. Not only it provided a safe and gentle way to stay active during pregnancy, but it also helped manage stress and anxiety. I found it easy to connect with other women and appreciated the overall vibe of kindness, openness, understanding, and support.
"I would highly recommend it to any expectant mother!"
A gentle approach to self-care, surrounded by a wonderful group of like-minded international ladies. It provided a great introduction to physiological matrescence and a important knowledge base for first-time mothers. The retreat offered a tranquil escape into nature, providing exactly what I needed. I loved fostering special moments with lovely ladies. It was exactly what I was looking for and would highly recommend it to any expectant mother!
"You deserve to be pampered, especially during pregnancy"
Perfect little getaway to connect and recharge. Loved the ambiance and environment. Would highly recommend. You deserve to be pampered, especially during pregnancy.
"... feel much more ready for birth."
A wholesome time with like-minded women. I felt nourished mentally and physically. I now feel much more ready for birth. I'm no longer second guessing whether I have missed any key resources, insights or practices.
"The perfect treat for pregnant women!"
I came to unwind, recharge and have some much needed “me time” to connect with myself and my baby away from the hustle of family life. What I received exceeded my expectations. Every planned activity orchestrated a perfect experience. The atmosphere of openness and vulnerability allowed me to truly be myself and to grow through the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and fears. I gained an entirely new perspective on how I envision my childbirth experience.
"Special, unique and knowledgeable"
The Solo Babymoon Retreat was special, unique and knowledgeable. It met all my expectations, and I felt relaxed throughout my stay. It was nice to meet other women who are in the same situation as me and learn more about childbirth. The movement classes were a personal favorite.
"I’ll never forget this retreat ..."
Beyond expectations! A relaxing, empowering, educational, and unforgettable retreat that helped me look inward to change my heart and mind to benefit my life and my baby’s. I feel lighter, and at ease. How incredibly powerful it is to have 13 pregnant women together supporting each other. The energy was next level. I’ll never forget this retreat or the things that I learned about myself.
"Ready to take on what's next in my pregnancy journey"
What an experience! Feeling truly blessed to be able to connect with women, learning from these exceptional, strong, and empowered individuals. Leaving this retreat, I am grateful, filled with love and ready to take on what's next in my pregnancy journey.
"Everything I was hoping for and beyond!"
Just mind blowing, it was everything I was hoping for and beyond! Loved the safe space in which everyone could share their emotions, perspectives, experiences, and hopes. It was perfect.
"... truly invaluable!"
I rediscovered joy in certain activities that hadn't sparked it for a while before, like the meditations / visualizations and the creative workshop. The retreat helped me relieve stress and get back to positive habits. The opportunity to fully immerse myself in a few days dedicated to relaxation, connection, and introspection was truly invaluable"
"I felt encouraged ..."
I was looking forward to unwinding and getting some useful knowledge, but got a lot more than that. I felt encouraged by hearing and sharing experiences and having a feeling of community and support that can only be found in a group that can be both sympathetic and empathetic about pregnancy and birth (and beyond!).

Our Luxurious Venues

We have meticulously evaluated hundreds of family-run private venues across Europe, selecting only those that resonate with our vision of nurturing, luxurious comfort, and exceptional care for expectant mothers.

Mallorca Venue

Nested in Mallorca’s serene countryside, this boutique venue exemplifies a luxurious design with a hint on Mediterranean elegance, and an immersive experience in nature under the inviting Mallorcan sun.

Why we selected this venue
Nature-Immersed Environment
Luxurious Quality in a Rustic Setting
Private bedrooms, en-suite bathroom
Deluxe Rooms with Terraces
Inviting pool, lush gardens
Shared relaxation spaces
Eco-Friendly Retreat Setting
Next Retreats in Mallorca
October 6-10
October 31 - November 4
Venue Details
Show all Mallorca Images >
Show all Mallorca Images >
Show all Barcelona Images >

Barcelona Venue

Located in the evergreen countryside and surrounded by forest, this stunning eco-friendly venue near sunny Barcelona combines environmental sustainability with luxurious comfort and wellness.

Why we selected this venue
Scenic Location, Stunning Views
Inviting pool, lush gardens
Private bedrooms, en-suite bathroom
Chill-Out and Fire Place Areas
Dedicated Massage Room
Organic Kitchen Garden
Rural Yet Accessible Location
Next Retreats in Barcelona
August 12-16 (last spots 🔥)
September 6-10 (filling up)
November 29 - December 3
Venue Details
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Nutrient-Rich Meals

Our talented private chefs and prenatal expert team have joined forces to create a menu that delights and nourishes both you and your baby - always tailored to your dietary preferences.

Meet Your Host!

Shirin is a certified retreat leader, childbirth educator, prenatal yoga & meditation teacher, and a mother of two. She was born in Iran, studied in Spain, worked in Germany and during the Covid-Pandemic moved back to Spain where she founded mom'z.

With her team, Shirin developed mom’z, collaborating with seasoned experts such as midwives, doulas, pediatricians, yoga instructors, wellness leaders and conducting studies with over a hundred (expectant) mothers.

Learn more "about us" here

How to join our retreat

We offer various bedroom options. All bedrooms are of premium quality with en-suite bathroom. Request booking information in order to receive details about availability and to secure your spot.

Shared: 2250€ per Person(sold out)
Twin beds and an en-suite bathroom shared with other guest (2 people max). Luminous and well decorated. Air-conditioned. Price per person.
Private: 2950€ per Person(sold out)
Standard private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. Luminous and well decorated with a hint of subtle Mediterranean luxury. Single occupancy. Air-conditioned.
Deluxe: 3350€ per Person
Deluxe private bedroom with expansive open spaces and an en-suite bathroom. Elevate your stay with this refined accommodation tailored for single occupancy. Air-conditioned.

Intimate Small Group (10-14)

Luxurious 5 Days / 4 Nights

Expert-Designed Activities

All-Inclusive Meal Plan

Airport Transfers

Post-Retreat Community

Starting from
Price per Person, incl VAT
All-Inclusive: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Language: English
Check-in 4pm, Check-out 11am
Cancellation: 100% refund up to 10 weeks and 50% refund up to 4 weeks before retreat starts

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to common queries about the (Solo) Babymoon retreat

Can I bring a partner or friend with me to the retreat? ▶

Our retreat is specifically tailored for pregnant women as a solo-babymoon experience, focusing on individual empowerment and growth. We recognize the significance of including partners in this transformative journey. Therefore, we equip expectant mothers with valuable insights and resources to share with their partners upon returning home, ensuring both parents are united and ready for the remarkable adventure into parenthood. This also creates an intimate and nurturing environment that encourages strong connections between attendees (which from our experience otherwise wouldn't happen).

What if I can't attend due to pregnancy health issues? Do you suggest travel insurance?

If you don't already have travel insurance (e.g., included in some premium credit card contracts), we suggest considering one, so that all your costs are covered in the event of unforeseen pregnancy or health complications preventing you from attending. We've researched and can recommend options that cover the retreat fee and other travel expenses such as flights. These insurances typically range from a one-time payment of 15 to 50 euros and can easily be signed up for online on the insurers' websites. Please reach out to us for detailed information and assistance in choosing a plan that suits your needs.

What is included in the retreat? ▶

Flights are the only thing that are NOT included :) The retreat is an all-inclusive experience and it includes luxurious accommodation in with en-suite bathroom, holistic expert-designed activities, nutritious and delicious meals around the clock, a massage, refreshments, delightful surprises, post-retreat support, and airport transfers.

How will my dietary needs be accommodated? ▶

Our private chef tailors each meal to your specific dietary preferences and restrictions. After booking your retreat, we'll gather detailed information about your dietary needs to ensure every dish meets your personal requirements, ensuring a safe and delightful dining experience.

Is transportation to and from the airport included in the retreat? ▶

Yes, comfortable transportation at fixed time from and back to the Airport and city centre (when applicable) is included in the retreat.

What should I pack for the retreat? ▶

We recommend packing comfortable clothing for movement sessions and activities, a swimsuit if you'd like to enjoy the swimming pool as well as any personal items you may need. We will provide a detailed packing list prior to your arrival to ensure you are fully equipped.

How can my partner benefit from my experience at the mom'z retreat? ▶

While the Solo Babymoon retreat focuses on empowering expectant mothers, we ensure the experience extends to your partner as well. After the retreat, you'll receive access to a series of video courses created for couples. These are designed to involve your partner in your journey, helping both of you prepare for the arrival of your new family member together.

What type of activities and workshops are included in the retreat? ▶

The retreat includes daily morning movement sessions, guided relaxation and visualization exercises, therapeutic massages and nurturing treatments, comprehensive workshops on pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, and early motherhood, personalized sessions for empowerment, creative, fun, and social activities for connection and positive memory-making, and free time for personal reflection and relaxation.

What type of food is served during the retreat? ▶

The retreat offers exquisite, locally-sourced cuisine prepared with love by our in-house nutritionist, thoughtfully designed to nourish and delight both mother and baby. We accommodate cravings and dietary preferences to ensure that every meal satisfies and nourishes you.

What is the cancellation policy? ▶

If you cancel at least 10 weeks prior to the retreat start date you will receive a 100% refund. If you cancel up to 4 weeks prior to the retreat start you will receive a 50% refund. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for cancellations made with 4 weeks or less of the retreat start date.

Is the retreat suitable for women at any stage of pregnancy? ▶

The ideal time is during your second & early third trimester of pregnancy, from week 14. We kindly recommend that you consult with your personal healthcare provider before planning any travel to ensure it's safe for you and your baby. And remember, there's no one else quite like you, and there's no pregnancy quite like yours. It very much depends on your overall health, energy levels, and how you feel. Please note that some airlines may require a medical certificate from your healthcare provider (after 28 weeks of pregnancy). This document typically confirms that you are fit to travel, and it may include your expected due date.

I've already had a child or taken a childbirth preparation course. Will I still find the educational sessions beneficial? ▶

Absolutely! Our educational sessions offer fresh perspectives, focusing on personal growth, emotional balance, and deeper connection with your baby. They're tailored to enhance your unique pregnancy journey, regardless of previous experience.

Is there any post-retreat support? ▶

Yes, we offer a post-retreat community for ongoing guidance and resources after the retreat, ensuring continued support throughout your pregnancy and transition into motherhood.

Request Booking Information

Fill out the form below to learn more about the retreat, agenda, pricing and availability. Our team will be in touch shortly to answer any questions you may have.

Now open for bookings:
  • AUG 12-16, Barcelona (last spots 🔥)
  • SEP 6-10, Barcelona (filling up)
  • OCT 6-10, Mallorca
  • OCT 31 - NOV 4, Mallorca
  • NOV 29 - DEC 3, Barcelona
  • + more every month (tba soon)
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