Hear from some of the lovely mothers(-to-be) who participated in our (Solo) Babymoon Retreat

"A truly life-changing experience"
I am totally blown away and my brain still struggles to process how unreal and beautiful this retreat was. Everything was absolutely perfect and up to the highest standards. The intention behind this retreat, the chef throwing her passion into every single meal, mom'z team being so supportive, loving, and helpful, and of course all these powerhouse mamas-to-be are just touching my heart so deeply.
"Liked it so much, I signed up for a second retreat!"
Calming and empowering! mom’z Solo Babymoon was a game changer in my pregnancy. The group of participants was diverse and yet all energies flowed in the same direction. I emerged relaxed and rested after the wonderful days at the superb venue. I actually liked it so much that I signed up for a second retreat!
New York
"I’d do it again for my next baby"
All I can say is that I’d do it again for my next baby! The delicious and nutritious food and morning movements really helped setting my body into the right routine which I intend to keep up even after the retreat. It was nice to have a place to just talk all pregnancy related stuff and experience new things.
"So perfect that it still feels unreal."
Transformative in the most positive way possible! I definitely managed to connect with my pregnancy and my baby more than ever before. I solved a lot of internal anxieties through all the learning sessions, conversations with Shirin and the other moms. This was so perfect that it still feels unreal. Thank you for the most incredible week of my pregnancy.
"One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself"
We were treated with such care, like Queens! My key takeaway is that we deserve to be pampered and connect with each other as we go through our pregnancy journeys. Solo Babymoon retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I was blown away by the level of care and detail. I honestly loved everything. It made me so happy and delighted!
"Sisterhood for moms-to-be!"
This retreat is like a sisterhood for moms-to-be! My intention was to relax, rest and connect with my baby. I achieved all these goals and came back home more peaceful and confident. I felt very lucky to meet all these women from all around the world and to connect with their stories.
"I would like as many women as possible to know about this retreat!"
It was a « me-time » for both me and my baby! I had time to fall in love with yoga, and breathing techniques. I also discovered new ways of making nutritious food. I had many insights coming up which changed the way of my thinking and worldview in general. I felt so safe and accepted during those days.
"Forever grateful for the knowledge, love, realness, and community"
Thank you so very much for creating such a safe and beautiful space for women to come together during pregnancy. This experience was not only about connecting more deeply to my baby, but also allowed me to come home to myself. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, love, realness, and community.
"I feel empowered, supported, inspired."
An unforgettable, powerful experience tapping into our own strength and sense of the feminine to slow down and prepare for this next chapter with support and knowledge. My key insights were about fostering community and about taking care of ourselves so we can take care of others.
"One of the most significant things you can do while being pregnant"
Back in the day we had our families and friends around, and today we often find ourselves alone as a mom. That is why it is so empowering and inspiring that mom'z are creating a community of women that can be open, honest, vulnerable, and supportive. I am so grateful to have had this experience. It will stay with me as a magical memory.
"Returning home with a sense of calmness and positive anticipation."
Booking the mom’z retreat was genuinely one of the best decisions I've made for myself in a long time. The hosts crafted an incredible program set in a stunning location with the most delicious food, all shared with a fantastic group of women. Finally, I felt completely connected to my pregnancy, returning home with a sense of calmness and positive anticipation for the birth of my little one.
"You deserve to be pampered, especially during pregnancy"
Perfect little getaway to connect and recharge. Loved the ambiance and environment. Would highly recommend. You deserve to be pampered, especially during pregnancy.
"... feel much more ready for birth."
A wholesome time with like-minded women. I felt nourished mentally and physically. I now feel much more ready for birth. I'm no longer second guessing whether I have missed any key resources, insights or practices.
"The perfect treat for pregnant women!"
I came to unwind, recharge and have some much needed “me time” to connect with myself and my baby away from the hustle of family life. What I received exceeded my expectations. Every planned activity orchestrated a perfect experience. The atmosphere of openness and vulnerability allowed me to truly be myself and to grow through the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and fears. I gained an entirely new perspective on how I envision my childbirth experience.
"Special, unique and knowledgeable"
The Solo Babymoon Retreat was special, unique and knowledgeable. It met all my expectations, and I felt relaxed throughout my stay. It was nice to meet other women who are in the same situation as me and learn more about childbirth. The movement classes were a personal favorite.
"I’ll never forget this retreat ..."
Beyond expectations! A relaxing, empowering, educational, and unforgettable retreat that helped me look inward to change my heart and mind to benefit my life and my baby’s. I feel lighter, and at ease. How incredibly powerful it is to have 13 pregnant women together supporting each other. The energy was next level. I’ll never forget this retreat or the things that I learned about myself.
"Ready to take on what's next in my pregnancy journey"
What an experience! Feeling truly blessed to be able to connect with women, learning from these exceptional, strong, and empowered individuals. Leaving this retreat, I am grateful, filled with love and ready to take on what's next in my pregnancy journey.
"Everything I was hoping for and beyond!"
Just mind blowing, it was everything I was hoping for and beyond! Loved the safe space in which everyone could share their emotions, perspectives, experiences, and hopes. It was perfect.
"... truly invaluable!"
I rediscovered joy in certain activities that hadn't sparked it for a while before, like the meditations / visualizations and the creative workshop. The retreat helped me relieve stress and get back to positive habits. The opportunity to fully immerse myself in a few days dedicated to relaxation, connection, and introspection was truly invaluable"
"I felt encouraged ..."
I was looking forward to unwinding and getting some useful knowledge, but got a lot more than that. I felt encouraged by hearing and sharing experiences and having a feeling of community and support that can only be found in a group that can be both sympathetic and empathetic about pregnancy and birth (and beyond!).

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